Highlights from the Nevada State Dutch Oven Championship

All I can say is wow. Yesterday was an amazing day. The first ever Nevada State Dutch Oven Championship showcased dishes from nine teams, including two young Boy Scouts representing their troop. My friend Pamela and I prepared dishes for the public – chili, cornbread, blueberry cobbler and cherry apple crisp was our menu – which paled in comparison to the exquisite offerings of the competitors.

Each team had to cook three dishes – breads, main dishes, and desserts – and present each to the judges by a specific time. The variety of dishes that were prepared was astounding. We had everything from turkey, quail, salmon to gluten free offerings. The garnishings of many of the dishes were just as impressive as the food. I was amazed and inspired at what can be prepared in those little black pots. Following are photos of the top teams, plus my own honorable mentions.

First Place Team

Braided Herb Bread

Braided Herb Bread

Cajun Roasted Turkey

Cajun Roasted Turkey served with Mango Peach Cranberry Chutney (not pictured)

Cajun Cake

Second Place Team

Herb Bread

Chicken Satimbocca

Strawberry Bagatelle

Third Place Team

Dill Batter Bread

Salmon Piccata with Green Beans

Apple Tort

Youth Division – Boy Scouts

Vegetable Beef Soup in White Bread Bowl


My Honorable Mentions

Gluten Free BBQ Chicken Cordon Bleu with Potatoes

Covered Wagon Stew

Wacky Cake with Icing

Man, why am I so hungry all of a sudden?


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