Desktop Studio

I know this post may be a little off-topic since it doesn’t feature anything about cast iron cuisine, but I received a product that I think is pretty cool and will be a great tool for my blog.

My husband is getting into my blog as much as I am, because for our anniversary, he gave me this little desktop photo studio. Maybe all of you seasoned food blogger photogs out there already know about this item, but if you don’t, I suggest looking into it.

It’s very inexpensive – just under $100 – and is portable. My husband purchased it through one of our local photography shops, but it is available online.

I often complained about running out of optimum natural light for taking photos of my dishes, because I usually cook after work in the evenings, when good light quickly fades. My husband’s thought was that this little studio would provide me with decent lighting no matter the time of day or location.

So, to test it, I picked the darkest room in my house, a spare bedroom with bad lighting and darkly painted walls.

Here’s my little crock waiting for its close-up.

As you can see, it comes with two 50-watt halogen lamps.


It comes with different colored backgrounds. I am using the white background with the black crock.

Here are some figurines photographed against the black background.

The studio also comes with an adjustable camera stand.

And folds up nicely into this carrying bag. The halogen lamps heat up quickly, so I suggest letting them cool before packing them away.

I am in love with my new toy! Let’s see how creative I can get with it.


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