We’re Blue and Chloe, and since our human is away and we have finally cracked the WordPress code, we are hijacking her blog…just for a little while. We know this is a cooking blog, but we have a cause that we think is..well, quite PAWSworthy…and we’d like to discuss it with you.

Our veterinary clinic brought to our attention an amazing organization that they support…The United States War Dog Association. The U.S. War Dog Association is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that collects donated items for our K9 troops and their military human handlers who are serving overseas. Known as Military Working Dogs, these dogs serve alongside our troops, performing such tasks as sniffing out buildings for drugs and explosives, and protecting military personnel and equipment. War dogs have a long history of service all over the world and have served heroically during modern times in World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, and now in the Middle East. Some die on the front lines; many complete hundreds of combat missions. We know that we couldn’t do what they do.

Photo courtesy of The United States War Dog Association

So as Veteran’s Day draws near and the holidays are almost upon us, we’re joining our veterinary clinic and donating items to this PAWSworthy cause. We are also asking our four-legged friends and their humans to consider doing the same. We know that times are RUFF right now. Money and bones are lean. But just a box of biscuits, a ball or tug rope, or a bag of candy for the handler can make a big difference for these K9s and their troops who are so far away from home. Even $20 to help cover postage costs helps tremendously.

A list of desired items can be found here.

We know also that many of you who read this blog are from countries other than the U.S. See if your country has a similar war dog association which needs help or consider sending a care package to your service men and women stationed overseas. Or make a gift to your local pet shelter. Every treat helps.

Rut row, we hear a car pulling up in the driveway. Better stop the begging and act like we’ve been taking a very long nap.

Thanks for lending an ear.

Chloe and Blue


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