Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook Giveaway!

A few posts back I promised to give away, not one, but two of The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook. Well today is the lucky day! 

Here’s how you can enter:  tell me two of your favorite summer dishes.

Simply leave a comment here at The Skillet blog, on my Facebook page and/or send a tweet via my Twitter site. You will be entered for each place you leave a comment. So, comment at all three places, you are entered three times into the contest.

That’s it! Easy as pie. Mmmmmm…did I mention that one of my favorite summer dishes is strawberry rhubarb pie? Might have to make one in my skillet.

The two winners will be announced on Monday.

Hope your summer is off to a fabulous start and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Photo courtesy of Lodge Manufacturing


5 comments on “Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook Giveaway!

  1. KW, thanks for your comment, but I’m afraid the giveaway has already taken place. Winners were announced on Monday, July 8. That said, I plan to have more giveaways in the future so please stay tuned. Thank you for following my blog and enjoy your summer!

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