Welcome to The Skillet blog and the dish on cast iron cuisine. Through this blog I will share my passion – or should I say, addiction – for cast iron cookware and the amazing dishes that can be prepared in it. Check out my recipes, tips on cooking and taking care of cast iron, and anything else that catches my eye and palate. Enjoy and feel free to share your comments, recipes and camaraderie.



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  1. anybody who messes around with either dogs, small boats or cast iron can’t be all bad. I am looking for a “flame tamer” or heat disperser. I saw your photo of one in cast iron with circles of holes drilled into it. Could you please tell me where I can inquire about this one? Many thanks and I want to follow the skillet blog. Good luck to you and yours…and , yup, I know about addictions. Still and all, this one can’t hurt you….right?…..right?….right?
    Oh, answer me one thing: seasoning of cast iron depends on accumulation of carbon, yes? I used cast iron for years and didn’t do very well until I started leaving

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